The Shadow of the Force


(I guess these assholes are my only hope)

How do you steer clear of the Dark Side when something horrible happens to you? How do you stay good after watching a loved one, your One Love, get decapitated? The clusterfuck of emotions inside of me was getting out of control. I was, and still am, filled with anger, regret, despair and grief. I think acknowledging these feelings is the first step. Look them straight in the face and make them your bitch. It was during a meditative session of making my feelings my bitch that I received word from Quroku. Nothing like being called into action to get you out of a funk. My grief will have to wait. I need to get off this planet and find Master Sol. These people provide the best chance of survival.

I ran to the shipyard, making sure to be stealthy. Stealthy until I stepped on a child's goddamn squeaky toy. I used the Force to trick the Imperial guard who noticed me, and continued on to find the Sundowner lifting up off the ground. Ko and Gemini were fighting a scaryass dude with a metal face. Let's call him Scary Metal Face. SMF. SMF is one powerful motherfucker. No way we would have beaten him in straight up combat, so we jumped up on the Sundowner and PEACED OUT. As we were lifting off, we were joined by a fleet of pilots. A sea of revolutionary ships lifting into the air. But the Imperials wouldn't let us go without a fight. We heard a scream an Imperial ship flies over us. Gemini blocks their view with an impressive display of the Force. I kick this dude Jun off the gun (what's he doing manning the guns? Dudes missing an eye..), and start firing. We're able to escape to a far off mesa away from the city. We made it out with thirty good ships. 

Next goal: Take down the laser that is keeping us on this goddamn rock. 





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