Gemini Trill

Shadowy former Jedi of uncertain loyalties.


Gemini is a human of unassuming height and slender build, with long, thin-fingered hands and lean, sharp features. His hair is a grayish white, just long enough to fashion into a wide range of styles, his favorite being swept back in shaggy spikes. His eyes, on the rare occasions when they are visible from behind goggles or tinted spectacles and visors, are a strange shade of yellow-gold, forever darting to and fro and rarely maintaining eye contact for long in conversation.

Trill seems to cycle almost randomly through a variety of physical and vocal affectations, from tics and mannerisms to feigned old injuries, speaking in accents borrowed from all over the Outer Rim and beyond. Armor is wrapped in rags and clothing is habitually changed and rearranged, though he tends to favor attire that conceals distinguishing features: hats, scarves, cloaks and the like. Left to himself, Gemini can be found either pacing about, speaking to himself in a multitude of voices and languages, or sitting unnaturally still and staring blankly into space. Despite his idiosyncratic array of habits, there are some activities the adept consistently enjoys – skipping stones and solving puzzles, to name a few.

All of Gemini’s quirks evaporate once he has dialed in a persona. He speaks lies with conviction, nimbly assuming whatever personality traits he requires to maintain his deception. Despite the adept’s aversion to honesty, Trill shows a consistent empathy and compassion towards living things, and works to avoid bloodshed (usually through disinformation and evasion) whenever he can. It is only to members of the Black Hand that he shows no mercy.


When she discovered her young son Gemini was Force-sensitive (and it did not take long; the boy was moving his blocks around with his mind by his second year), Corelai Trill did what she did best: she made him disappear. After all, it’s what she did – a smuggler operating in Wild Space, she specialized in trafficking people on the run: debtors in over their heads, slaves desperate for escape, refugees looking for shelter and peace. Even with the Empire under Telvana’s rule, the galaxy was a dangerous place, so she taught her son how to stay alive beyond the Outer Rim – how to hide, how to read a stranger, and how to lie.

And so Gemini Trill grew up on the Belligerent Owl, sneaking the helpless and hopeless to safety, slipping through the fingers of tyrants and crime lords. Mother and son slid from system to system, changing identities like clothes, charming their way through the wild uncharted depths of space. It took the Jedi Order sixteen years to discover the Trills, and another two for the Consular Mellura Len to catch up with them. It took time, booze, and more than one ditch-and-run scam, but Len was able to convince the transporter that her son would be safest and do the most good in the service of the Order.

The Twi’lek Knight took Gemini up as her apprentice, and as they traversed the frontiers, the two Jedi fell in love. Mellura showed Gemini the depths of his power, guiding him to connect with the Force, to immerse himself in it and shape it to his will. He was powerful, skilled in understanding the conscious mind, the perception of reality, and how to blur the lines between. Healing, too, seemed to come naturally to the initiate, in keeping with his interests in exobiology and anatomy.

The two lovers traveled along the edges of the Outer Rim, navigating unexplored territories, seeking out those touched by the Force. Their journeys took them to secluded colonies and underdeveloped worlds. They contacted primitive tribes and lost civilizations. They reached out to those gifted few, accompanying them through their discovered abilities and coaxing them to the Hermitage. Oftentimes the mission was as simple as a warm and open discussion. Sometimes they needed to defend their charges, or smuggle them from dangerous situations.

And then came the Empress’ assassination, and the death of the Jedi. His mentor and lover, defenseless because of his own error, was murdered by the Black Hand as they fled. With the sight of his lover’s decapitation fresh in his mind, Gemini fled, and did what he did best – disappeared.

In the intervening years, Gemini has become little more than a whisper. A rumor of a wandering medic, a Sensitive who manages to stay just outside of the Empire’s grasp. Never staying still, never showing their face, they became a bogeyman, a catch-all story of figures of mystery and shadow, people who can’t and don’t want to be found. A healer one day, a thief the next, a lone wolf or with a bevy of agents at their disposal, no one has the story straight on who or what Gemini Trill is anymore.

And that’s just the way he likes it.

Gemini Trill

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