The Shadow of the Force

Opening Crawl

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

The fair and benevolent Empress Telvana has been assassinated, and the galaxy has fallen to tyranny once again. Her former adviser, the wizard Zelos, has taken the throne and rules with an iron fist. Meanwhile, Lord Vandal, the leader of Zelos's infamous Black Hand, scours the known galaxy in search of those who possess the power to control the Force. The Jedi Order has been utterly destroyed by the Black Hand, and untapped Force sensitives are taken, vanishing from their homes without a trace. With the destruction of the Jedi, a shadow falls over the galaxy, and a new age of darkness begins.

But one Jedi Knight and her young apprentice have survived the slaughter of the Jedi. Fleeing the known galaxy, the refugee Jedi travel far beyond the Outer Rim in hopes of finding the fated few who can shine a light into the darkness and give the galaxy a new hope.



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