Mellura Len

Jedi Knight, both Master and lover to Gemini Trill.


Mellura Len (Mellur’alen in her native Ryl) was discovered at a slave market on a desert planet at the age of six. With the rest of her clan murdered or sold off, the Jedi who found her brought her to live at the Hermitage, where she studied the ways of the Force.

The Twi’lek learned quickly and studied hard, passing her Trials and becoming a full-fledged Knight early in her 20s. She became a Consular, using her powers to seek out other Force sensitives and bring them to the Jedi Order. It was during this time that she met a quick-witted young man named Gemini Trill, a sensitive with a knack for healing. She took him on as her Padawan, and over years in the dark stretches of space, they became quite close. While their affair was frowned upon by the Order, none could deny that her gentle heart and his clever tongue made an excellent team.

When Emperor Zelos turned on the Jedi, Mellura and Gemini were on a mission deep in Wild Space. What began as a peaceful overture to a tribe of a fungus-based Force-sensitives who had just learned to extend their consciousness beyond their planet turned into a bloodbath, the Black Hand slaughtering the tranquil myconid species in pursuit of the two Jedi. During their flight, Gemini dropped his weapon during a clumsy attempt at defense.

When the door to their transport ship jammed, Mellura handed her lightsaber to her apprentice to pop the stubborn lock. It was in this moment that the Black Hand struck, and, unarmed, the young Knight was swiftly overwhelmed. She was able to look back to her lover one last time, able to whisper the word ‘Run.’ to him just before a blood-red lightsaber detached her head from her body.

Mellura Len

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