Inquisitor Iratorias

A trickster and Black Hand inquisitor with immense dark power.


The small, slender Inquisitor Iratorias wears a cloak of shadow, with glowing red eyes peering out from beneath his black hood and a lightsaber with a crimson blade clutched in his left hand. His very presence darkens any space he is in, and, when injured, his wounds seep black corruption.


Inquisitor Iratorias briefly underwent the alias of Rato, pretending to be a weak-willed Rodian under the employ of a 1313 general by the name of Lambida. Working beneath the guiding hand of shadowy prophecy, he used the Dark Side to manipulate the general and his men, and used this false position of near-powerlessness in order to earn the sympathies of Ko Te Ki, Quroku Vitta, Mac ‘Mini’ Nimarron, and Xiann/Spider.

Rato revealed himself as Iratorias during the rescue of Mac Nimarron from Bamboc the Hutt. However, he failed his attempt to capture the Force-user and was forced to flee when he was gravely injured by the party.

Inquisitor Iratorias

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