Ghor Bur'zum

The crime lord in control of the Wasuloo settlement.


A former general of Verun’s 1313, Ghor Bur’zum was betrayed by current leader Ancor Oth during his ascension to power. The Trandoshan general, who was being replaced, was put at gunpoint and given two options: leave Verun for good, or die.

Unsurprisingly, Bur’zum left the city for the wastes of Tark.

It wasn’t long after leaving that the Trandoshan formed a gang of his own. Formed from a motley crew of criminal outcasts, spice and arms smugglers, and other such scum, Bur’zum’s new gang quickly established a reputation for themselves. Using his experience as a general for the most powerful, influential, and violent Verunian gang, Bur’zum was able to crush the wasteland’s criminal competition. And, in no time, Bur’zum and his gang were in control of the relatively prosperous settlement of Wasuloo.

Still, despite the Trandoshan’s relatively powerful standing out in the desert wastes, his experiences in Verun have left him extremely paranoid. More than a few of Wasuloo’s inhabitants, his own men included, have been strung up in the town center, their murders justified by little more than suspicion.

Ghor Bur'zum

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