The Shadow of the Force

The flight to East Tower.

Session 4.

I awoke in a refugee camp. My… friends had retreated to Thane's sanctuaries, and there we recuperated. We required access to the East Tower; and our benefactor had a proposal for us – sneak into the lesser Hutt's laboratories and acquire missile schematics.

Quroku had another idea. The Hutt owed the zabrak a life debt, a kinship that the pilot intended to parlay into a more direct route out of the tower. Infiltration was simple enough; the Force has long been instrumental in shifting attention away from me and those that travel with me.

Vitta's play worked. With safe passage secured, we forewent Thane's requests and slipped away. It wasn't uneventful, our time remaining in WeTo, but it wasn't noteworthy, either.

The railride heralded another threat. Xiann traveled to Tark in the company of a lover, one that turned to the Dark Side prior to her flight to Wasuloo. He was there when we arrived at the station, flanked by Imperial guards. We struck hard, we struck fast, and we overpowered him.

I saw Black Hand. Red lightsaber. You, my love. In one instant, I saw you and the bastards that took you from me. And with a sweep of your blade, I claimed my first life.

In that moment, I heard Xiann's pain. My screams from her mouth. And I was no better than them. To rip love away with one stroke of a lightsaber… Is this who I am to become? A murderer?

There was little time to contemplate the implications of my decision. We fled, seeking out Ko's Master. It did not take us long to find the Jedi's refuge, and before long, we were in the company of the Darkbane herself. Tark had not been kind to Master Elai, but she offered us rest and respite.

In my meditations, I communed with the Kyber crystal in Sen's possession. It was wounded, bleeding… is this the pain of all the crystals in the Hand's hands? I did what I did best – reached out with the Force to heal what was broken. I pray to the Void the crystal will serve Xiann better than it served her lover.



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