The Shadow of the Force

'Twas nice while it lasted.

Session 1.

I did what I could, my love. 

Three years I've been out here in the wastes. Tried my best to keep the peace, even with Ghor spiking every passerby that crossed that paranoid thug's path. Madman that he is, at least his men were reasonable. More interested in credits than blood, for the most part.

But the winds are changing. Powers gather on Tark. Newcomers at the cantina – a hotheaded Zabrak with a ship in impound. A Twi'lek wanderer, powerful in the Force. She reminds me of you, my love. Too much for comfort.

And a Jedi. A Jedi, here. And they are not alone, this one. They are a danger. Already I can feel the Black Hand closing in, seeking, hunting, hungry. They cannot remain here. I have to get them somewhere where they can hide, where they won't be slaughtered the instant it is discovered what they are. Did you put them in my path? Bid me to act, after all these years? These pieces – a Jedi, a Sensitive of so much potential, a pilot?

I'm taking them to Verun. Bur'zum's men were easily mollified. I suspect their interest in us will dissolve when they realize I've abandoned the farm. Perhaps it won't be long before I join you, beloved. Or before you join me again.



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