The Shadow of the Force

Savin' Hutts and Twi'lek Butts

Session 2

(Overheard snippets of a late night conversation over a few too many spiked blue milks with Garruda's Guards in Weto)

…yeah so on our way in to see Limbida and the guard starts getting frisky with the Spider and I played it so cool. I grab the guys are like "you sure buddy?" you should seen his face, what a total nerf herder. (muffled laughter)….


…so he sticks us with the saddest sad sack of a negotiator I've ever come across, my boy Rato out there. Kid is cowering for fear of everything, but you can always trust a coward to be a coward…


…we crept up through the alleys on the way to meet you guys nice and slow, no problem. Xiann may have gotten a little too much of a wiff of whatever was in those crates, no no, don't tell me what it was. I'm happy being in the dark on that front. Other than that little hiccup, the deal was going smooth, until it wasn't…



…I'm about to pull the trigger when I realize, it's that old bastard from the windfarm. I was THIS close to putting one through his back, but he got the Spider back in her right mind just in time. I don't know what it is about that guy, seems like he's got depths I'll never understand. Also, his disguse game is on point, amiright?!

…so I rip the dumpster lid off with my bare hands and use it to shield your boss from the sniper fire. I don't want to say I don't want to say I'm a hero, but you can if you want…

…Old timer somehow throws up another ship out of thin air and we make our escape. I do what I do best and slip us out of the Empires grasp, and here we are…

…I'm telling you, the Sundowner can smoke anything you'd be foolish enough to put her up against.. OH YEAH WANNA BET.. next time I'm on this dusty old rock, 1000 credits. YEAH WE WILL SEE

…(sound of a Zabrek head hitting a bartop)..


..(muffled) I wonder if Xiann is still awake, this mug of blue milk has me thinking about something else round and blue I wouldn't mind getting close too. Does seem like she is carrying some baggage though. Play it cool Quroku, let her come to you






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