The Shadow of the Force

Enough is Enough

Session 5.

…###///Encrypted transmission///###…


I hope you’re holding up okay. I know it doesn’t mean much, but I think I know something of what you feel. I would say take all the time you need, if we had any more time left to spare. Things have been moving quickly over the past few hours. While we were trying to work out a way off this forsaken rock, we made yet another unsavory connection. She goes by Kiran, and she must be one hell of a player. She has a Kyber Crystal the size of a small transport sitting in the entrance of her establishment (read: lair.) Anyway, like everyone we meet here, she’s after some unsavory something or other. My eyes started to glaze over during yet other whispered power hungry conversation about violent demands to move forward someone’s crooked agenda. This time though, I think we had all had enough. We made out polite goodbye and decided to walk a different path; the path we should have realized was there this whole time…REVOLT BABY! GOOD OL’ FASHION REVOLUTION! We met with more than a few disgruntled pilots at the local cantina, led by a charming fellow by the name of Junn Red. He knows the whereabouts of the Sundowner. We have a plan to get my baby back, and organize a way to take down the planets defenses long enough to make good our escape. We don’t have much time before the Black Hand transport arrives and it’s too late, but we should have enough time to get a read on their defenses and formulate a strategy. I’m sending the yard coordinates along with this message, please get here as fast as you can. Come quick and quiet, be ready for anything.



…One more thing. Watch your back around Ko’s master. Something about her has my hackles up, and I don’t like the way she was looking at you. Now hurry up and get here!



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