The Shadow of the Force

(I guess these assholes are my only hope)

How do you steer clear of the Dark Side when something horrible happens to you? How do you stay good after watching a loved one, your One Love, get decapitated? The clusterfuck of emotions inside of me was getting out of control. I was, and still am, filled with anger, regret, despair and grief. I think acknowledging these feelings is the first step. Look them straight in the face and make them your bitch. It was during a meditative session of making my feelings my bitch that I received word from Quroku. Nothing like being called into action to get you out of a funk. My grief will have to wait. I need to get off this planet and find Master Sol. These people provide the best chance of survival.

I ran to the shipyard, making sure to be stealthy. Stealthy until I stepped on a child's goddamn squeaky toy. I used the Force to trick the Imperial guard who noticed me, and continued on to find the Sundowner lifting up off the ground. Ko and Gemini were fighting a scaryass dude with a metal face. Let's call him Scary Metal Face. SMF. SMF is one powerful motherfucker. No way we would have beaten him in straight up combat, so we jumped up on the Sundowner and PEACED OUT. As we were lifting off, we were joined by a fleet of pilots. A sea of revolutionary ships lifting into the air. But the Imperials wouldn't let us go without a fight. We heard a scream an Imperial ship flies over us. Gemini blocks their view with an impressive display of the Force. I kick this dude Jun off the gun (what's he doing manning the guns? Dudes missing an eye..), and start firing. We're able to escape to a far off mesa away from the city. We made it out with thirty good ships. 

Next goal: Take down the laser that is keeping us on this goddamn rock. 



Enough is Enough
Session 5.

…###///Encrypted transmission///###…


I hope you’re holding up okay. I know it doesn’t mean much, but I think I know something of what you feel. I would say take all the time you need, if we had any more time left to spare. Things have been moving quickly over the past few hours. While we were trying to work out a way off this forsaken rock, we made yet another unsavory connection. She goes by Kiran, and she must be one hell of a player. She has a Kyber Crystal the size of a small transport sitting in the entrance of her establishment (read: lair.) Anyway, like everyone we meet here, she’s after some unsavory something or other. My eyes started to glaze over during yet other whispered power hungry conversation about violent demands to move forward someone’s crooked agenda. This time though, I think we had all had enough. We made out polite goodbye and decided to walk a different path; the path we should have realized was there this whole time…REVOLT BABY! GOOD OL’ FASHION REVOLUTION! We met with more than a few disgruntled pilots at the local cantina, led by a charming fellow by the name of Junn Red. He knows the whereabouts of the Sundowner. We have a plan to get my baby back, and organize a way to take down the planets defenses long enough to make good our escape. We don’t have much time before the Black Hand transport arrives and it’s too late, but we should have enough time to get a read on their defenses and formulate a strategy. I’m sending the yard coordinates along with this message, please get here as fast as you can. Come quick and quiet, be ready for anything.



…One more thing. Watch your back around Ko’s master. Something about her has my hackles up, and I don’t like the way she was looking at you. Now hurry up and get here!

The flight to East Tower.
Session 4.

I awoke in a refugee camp. My… friends had retreated to Thane's sanctuaries, and there we recuperated. We required access to the East Tower; and our benefactor had a proposal for us – sneak into the lesser Hutt's laboratories and acquire missile schematics.

Quroku had another idea. The Hutt owed the zabrak a life debt, a kinship that the pilot intended to parlay into a more direct route out of the tower. Infiltration was simple enough; the Force has long been instrumental in shifting attention away from me and those that travel with me.

Vitta's play worked. With safe passage secured, we forewent Thane's requests and slipped away. It wasn't uneventful, our time remaining in WeTo, but it wasn't noteworthy, either.

The railride heralded another threat. Xiann traveled to Tark in the company of a lover, one that turned to the Dark Side prior to her flight to Wasuloo. He was there when we arrived at the station, flanked by Imperial guards. We struck hard, we struck fast, and we overpowered him.

I saw Black Hand. Red lightsaber. You, my love. In one instant, I saw you and the bastards that took you from me. And with a sweep of your blade, I claimed my first life.

In that moment, I heard Xiann's pain. My screams from her mouth. And I was no better than them. To rip love away with one stroke of a lightsaber… Is this who I am to become? A murderer?

There was little time to contemplate the implications of my decision. We fled, seeking out Ko's Master. It did not take us long to find the Jedi's refuge, and before long, we were in the company of the Darkbane herself. Tark had not been kind to Master Elai, but she offered us rest and respite.

In my meditations, I communed with the Kyber crystal in Sen's possession. It was wounded, bleeding… is this the pain of all the crystals in the Hand's hands? I did what I did best – reached out with the Force to heal what was broken. I pray to the Void the crystal will serve Xiann better than it served her lover.

They know we're here.
Session 3.

There is another.

We arrived in Weto. The gratitude of a Hutt is… tangible, but it doesn't get you a Pass. We needed credits. I suggested the cantina.

I needed an ear to the ground, to touch base in this tower. It'd been a while since I'd had contact with the Dealers. Digger was still behind the bar – heard him talking to a pair of travelers when I heard the name Gemini Trill.

It was another one.

This is a sign, isn't it, my love? One of your Portents, an omen from your omnidimensional Force. Another Jedi, come to Tark after all these years. Like an errant sun devours planets in its wake, gaining mass, gaining strength with each new player, Light and Dark alike are drawn here.

We went with them, Ko and I. Stayed hidden, followed them, pressed them on intent. The truth of their situation was not difficult to ascertain – my patient wore the armor of the Hermitage, a move so insanely suicidal that it defied deception. I did what I could for the poor man, but it was clear they were being hunted.

The Black Hand is close. I can hear their boots when I touch the Force, my love. After all these years, I can still feel the fear, the loss, grasping inside my chest. I sent them away, the Jedi, the Jawa, the wounded guard. I sent them to Thane. Spirits only know if she'd remember me, or kindly at that. But it was the best I could. 

I stayed behind, and for that, I was taken. I awoke in the care of Bamboc the Hutt. She told me things. Word was out there now. Word that we touched were coming, gathering, pulling more in day by day. The Empire is wise to offer credits. Make them hunt us. Make us run. Find us when we make our mistakes. She told me one of Them was here.

The conversation was short. Even buried in the floor we were on, I could feel the shudder of impact, hear the blaster fire. It was them. My… friends. Quroku blasting away from his transporter, Xiann slicing her way through the Dealers. They came for me.

Just before we made good our escape, Rato showed to us his truth. Such elegance in his deceit! How well he kept himself hidden from us, from the fear in his eyes to his silence in the Force. We owe our lives to the Spider – through her talents we leapt to the ground safely, embattled with this dark warrior.

The melee was swift and brutal. All of us struck hard, and struck well. Blow after blow, at fevered pitch. And just as the Rodian lost his leg, he screamed, and for a moment, my walls were broken. Across the galaxy they screamed, a dreadful choir of agony and rage.

I heard myself, the guttural cry that wrenched itself from me the day we said goodbye.

And then, all was dark.

Savin' Hutts and Twi'lek Butts
Session 2

(Overheard snippets of a late night conversation over a few too many spiked blue milks with Garruda's Guards in Weto)

…yeah so on our way in to see Limbida and the guard starts getting frisky with the Spider and I played it so cool. I grab the guys are like "you sure buddy?" you should seen his face, what a total nerf herder. (muffled laughter)….


…so he sticks us with the saddest sad sack of a negotiator I've ever come across, my boy Rato out there. Kid is cowering for fear of everything, but you can always trust a coward to be a coward…


…we crept up through the alleys on the way to meet you guys nice and slow, no problem. Xiann may have gotten a little too much of a wiff of whatever was in those crates, no no, don't tell me what it was. I'm happy being in the dark on that front. Other than that little hiccup, the deal was going smooth, until it wasn't…



…I'm about to pull the trigger when I realize, it's that old bastard from the windfarm. I was THIS close to putting one through his back, but he got the Spider back in her right mind just in time. I don't know what it is about that guy, seems like he's got depths I'll never understand. Also, his disguse game is on point, amiright?!

…so I rip the dumpster lid off with my bare hands and use it to shield your boss from the sniper fire. I don't want to say I don't want to say I'm a hero, but you can if you want…

…Old timer somehow throws up another ship out of thin air and we make our escape. I do what I do best and slip us out of the Empires grasp, and here we are…

…I'm telling you, the Sundowner can smoke anything you'd be foolish enough to put her up against.. OH YEAH WANNA BET.. next time I'm on this dusty old rock, 1000 credits. YEAH WE WILL SEE

…(sound of a Zabrek head hitting a bartop)..


..(muffled) I wonder if Xiann is still awake, this mug of blue milk has me thinking about something else round and blue I wouldn't mind getting close too. Does seem like she is carrying some baggage though. Play it cool Quroku, let her come to you




'Twas nice while it lasted.
Session 1.

I did what I could, my love. 

Three years I've been out here in the wastes. Tried my best to keep the peace, even with Ghor spiking every passerby that crossed that paranoid thug's path. Madman that he is, at least his men were reasonable. More interested in credits than blood, for the most part.

But the winds are changing. Powers gather on Tark. Newcomers at the cantina – a hotheaded Zabrak with a ship in impound. A Twi'lek wanderer, powerful in the Force. She reminds me of you, my love. Too much for comfort.

And a Jedi. A Jedi, here. And they are not alone, this one. They are a danger. Already I can feel the Black Hand closing in, seeking, hunting, hungry. They cannot remain here. I have to get them somewhere where they can hide, where they won't be slaughtered the instant it is discovered what they are. Did you put them in my path? Bid me to act, after all these years? These pieces – a Jedi, a Sensitive of so much potential, a pilot?

I'm taking them to Verun. Bur'zum's men were easily mollified. I suspect their interest in us will dissolve when they realize I've abandoned the farm. Perhaps it won't be long before I join you, beloved. Or before you join me again.

Opening Crawl
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

The fair and benevolent Empress Telvana has been assassinated, and the galaxy has fallen to tyranny once again. Her former adviser, the wizard Zelos, has taken the throne and rules with an iron fist. Meanwhile, Lord Vandal, the leader of Zelos's infamous Black Hand, scours the known galaxy in search of those who possess the power to control the Force. The Jedi Order has been utterly destroyed by the Black Hand, and untapped Force sensitives are taken, vanishing from their homes without a trace. With the destruction of the Jedi, a shadow falls over the galaxy, and a new age of darkness begins.

But one Jedi Knight and her young apprentice have survived the slaughter of the Jedi. Fleeing the known galaxy, the refugee Jedi travel far beyond the Outer Rim in hopes of finding the fated few who can shine a light into the darkness and give the galaxy a new hope.


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